About Me

Suzanne Otto
An Empathic and Experienced NHS Psychological Therapist

When I was young I was always curious about "what made people tick", what motivated them, how did they deal with difficult situations, Even how their personality developed.

This curiosity stayed with me when I trained as a State Registered Nurse, and then lead me into becoming a Health Visitor working closely with children and families. Eventually I took the opportunity to train as a Counsellor, then a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist.


I have been in therapy myself for periods of time, and have lived experience of mental health difficulties at times, as well as "life experiences" . I believe it is a part of the experience many of us share as human beings in a complex society in a complicated world.

As an empathic and experienced NHS psychological therapist, and with a background as an NHS health professional as a Registered Nurse and then as a Health Visitor, I have had the privilege of helping countless people make lasting changes to their mental health, confidence and well-being.

Clients tell me this has led them to be able to make changes that have led to improved relationships as well as an increased enjoyment in work and in their personal lives.

Fully Accredited

I am proud to be BABCP accredited.

Accredited members must have applied and demonstrated that they meet BABCP's high standards of training and experience in CBT.
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